Personnel management and payroll

Your staff is your most important resource.

In addition to the usual personal data, you can also add relatives for your staff in case of an accident.

Your staff can manage both their attendance(in terms of time sheets) and their absence through the system. The administrator can then easily produce attendance reports and absence reports for each employee and use them as payroll data.

Staff module and permissions

You can easily add new users to the system. When a new user is added, he or she will receive an SMS with a link to download the app for iPhone or Android.

You choose which users have which permissions. For example, you can activate the feature to create new projects from the app for one or more of your employees.

In the staff module, you can also specify the size of clothes and shoes for your users, as well as a list of relatives. All information in one place.

Read more about staff management in our online manual

Our online manual contains detailed information on all modules and features of the craftsman time tracking app