Digital time clock

1Time has a digital time clock that logs your staff's working hours in a practical and efficient way.

The 1Times app easily punches the employee in when he or she arrives at work, and out when it’s time to go home again. Anyone wishing to record breaks during the day punches out and in in the same way, and all working time is recorded and stored in both the user’s and the employer’s app.

For the workplace where much of the working time is spent at the same desk, it may be convenient to have 1Time available on staff computers as well. With a few simple keystrokes, the employee can clock in and out even on a desktop or laptop computer. If you prefer everyone to use the same device, a good solution is to have an iPad mounted at the entrance to the workplace – the same app downloaded to the mobile phone will of course also work on the tablet.

In case of illness or other types of absence, the employee can easily and conveniently register both the reason for the absence and its duration. As an employer, you get a quick and clear overview of your employees’ absences and hours worked. Never before has personnel management been so easy!

Easily clock in via our app for artisans

Get started with the digital time clock

Starting to use 1Time is both convenient and inexpensive. Without having to invest in any expensive software or hardware, you will be up and running with the 1Times system within half an hour, and then immediately benefit from its full functionality. On the very first day, your staff can start recording their working hours via the digital time clock, and you will immediately have a clear overview of your company’s costs.

Whatever the size of your workplace and number of employees, 1Time will quickly become a natural part of your business, and neither you nor your employees will want to do without it. Signing in and out of work has never been easier than with the 1Time digital time clock.