Project management

Having a good overview of your company's project is essential.

Correctly filled in and well updated information always pays off in the long run. With 1Time you can easily fill in useful information on your projects such as client, delivery address, supervisor, etc.

Another very useful feature is that you can review projects back in time. Let’s say you get a request to build a detached house with a sedum roof. Using 1Time, you can review a similar project you did several years ago to get an estimate of roughly how much extra time that lawn fence took to lay.

Sköt projekthantering och uppföljning i app för hantverkare

With 1Time, you get a system powerful enough to handle the parameters and content that a time report is expected to contain. At the same time, the system is very simple and user-friendly for you and your employees. A common thread throughout the system is that employees use their mobile phones as tools and administrators use the computer. The same applies to the time reporting itself.

Read more below about how the project module in the mobile version can help your employees in the field.

Hantera företagets projekt direkt i mobilen med 1time app

Keep track of your company's projects via mobile

The project module is also available in a mobile version. With your mobile phone, you can easily keep track of a project’s delivery address, labelling, telephone number of the client, etc.

You can give your employees different permissions. One of the permissions is that they themselves will be able to create new projects directly from their mobile phones in the field.