Time tracking for Craftsmen

With 1Time Tracking software from Odd Office it's easy to keep track of time worked for invoicing and payroll. Let your employees clock in via an app and never miss a billable hour again.

Time recording and project follow-up for artisans

It's as simple as 1-2-3

You get a complete overview of your company’s operations and can go back at any time and see who did what and when and on which project.

Keep track of the company's machines and tools.

With 1Time it’s really easy to keep track of the company’s inventory. Who has which machine and on which project. When should the excavator be serviced and so on.

Collect everything for your construction projects in one place.

in addition to registering hours and expenses on your projects, you can also use the built-in image upload feature and attach files and documents to your projecs. Give employees access to blueprints and drawings and let your employees document deviations directly via the app.

Get a better overview of how your projects are really going