Digital punch clock for easy timekeeping.

For the construction site where much of the working time is spent on the same construction project, it can be convenient to also have oddoffice available on staff computers. With a few simple keystrokes, the employee can clock in and out even on a desktop or laptop computer. If you prefer everyone to use the same device, a good solution is to have an iPad mounted at the entrance of the workplace – the same app downloaded to the mobile phone will of course also work on the toad.

In case of illness or other types of absence, the employee can easily and conveniently register both the reason for the absence and the duration of the absence. As an employer, you get a quick and clear overview of your employees’ absences and hours worked. Never before has staff management been so easy!

Time accounting vision


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By making time recording as simple and easy as we have made it, everyone will be able to keep track of their hours worked with minimal effort. In fact, working with our system takes considerably less time than traditional paper time sheets. Not to mention the time you save for invoicing and payroll.

With oddoffice time accounting, your invoicing will be accurate without the risk of losing hours. It will be easier to show reliable reports on time worked to a customer who questions the time spent.

In short, with our timekeeping system, your company will be administratively correct with all that entails.

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