Online shop linked to your business system

Reach your customers on their terms.

With an online shop directly connected to your business system, you can reach your customers 24 hours a day, all year round.

Nowadays, customers expect to be able to shop on their own terms from the comfort of their couch or from their camper van at the campsite. Construction products are no exception and more and more purchases are made via mobile phone or computer.

We have connected and built online stores to several different systems for the building trade such as GMS, iFenix and Trygg 2000. Contact us and we will tell you more.

Handla byggvaror på nätet

Support functions for the building trade.

Transport planning

Our transport planning module provides all functions and departments with the necessary information and simple flows. The transport planner is given a powerful platform to plan, the pickers get a clear picture of what to pick and when. The drivers get the next driving order directly on their mobile/tablet and get guidance to the final address via Google maps, for example.

Resource planning

Does your business have some form of production such as priming, finishing, hatch production or similar? Then take advantage of our resource planning to facilitate the work for both production staff and clients.

Time reporting – digital punch clock

Allow your staff to clock in and out via their mobile phones or a tablet/computer on site. The module also includes schedule and absence planning. At the touch of a button, all employees can see who is currently clocked in, who is on break, and who is sick or on leave.

Want to know more?

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